Journeying Together: Cultiving Family Reading at Little Library. with Parents and Tots Tales program

Journeying Together: Cultiving Family Reading at Little Library. with Parents and Tots Tales program

Welcome to the exciting world of "Parents and Tots Tales" at our beloved Little Library! We are thrilled to introduce our new program designed especially for the little ones—toddlers up to 5 years old—and their wonderful parents or caregivers.
Discover "Parents and Tots Tales":
At the heart of our program is the firm belief that family reading is the master key to solid and lasting learning. We take pride in being a bridge between home and school, recognizing that both are crucial pillars that cultivate a love for books in the little ones.
Clear Objectives:
"Parents and Tots Tales" not only aims to promote reading; it aspires to build a vibrant community of parents with children of the same age. We want our library to be a space for exchange, shared stories, and laughter echoing through the shelves.
The Importance of Childhood Reading:
We explore on our blog the transcendental importance of reading in preschool development. How this tool becomes a beacon that lights the path of learning for the little ones, creating solid foundations for their future academic endeavors.
Family Bond and the Role of School:
Focusing on the home as the epicenter, we highlight the special role of parents as guides who lovingly introduce their children to the world of oral reading. Additionally, we delve into how the school plays a crucial role in the flourishing of this skill.
Immerse Yourself in "Parents and Tots Tales":
How can you join this exciting adventure? Check out our events calendar, discover valuable resources on the importance of reading, and be inspired by real stories of parents who have experienced the positive impact of our program.
We are thrilled to have you on board with "Parents and Tots Tales"! The adventure of family reading is about to begin!

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