Nurturing Minds in the Heart of Guyana

Nurturing Minds in the Heart of Guyana

In the vibrant tapestry of Guyana, a beautiful idea blossomed within the heart of Sonie. A native of Guyana, her journey led her to Canada in 1999. However, in 2002, she returned to her roots and noticed a void in the lives of the children in Bee-Hive, on the east coast of Guyana – a need for community activities. Sonie, a fervent reader with a passion for community building, ingeniously combined her two loves and birthed the concept of the Little Library. With a mission to stimulate the minds and imaginations of the local kids, the first library proudly bore the name of their village, Bee-Hive.

The Little Library emerged as a beacon of accessibility and opportunity. Sonie’s vision aimed to bridge the gap of literacy offering a haven for exploration and learning just around the corner.

The summer of 2022 brought a new chapter to this inspiring tale. Ferial Khan, a retired math teacher and a friend of Sonie’s husband, shared her fervor for children and a childhood shaped by her father’s dedication to donating books to public schools. United by their passion, Sonie and Ferial decided to return to Guyana and establish the Little Library as a nonprofit venture. Their collaboration birthed not just a library but a hub of activities, with strategies devised to raise funds for development. Craft courses and summer day camps, entirely free for the children, became integral components of their vision, enriching the lives of the community’s youngest members.

As the calendar turned to 2023 and the dawn of 2024, the duo expanded their impact. Two additional libraries emerged, one on the East-coast at Dutch Fore and another in the West-cost  at Belle vue in Guyana, echoing the success of the Bee-Hive establishment. Inspired by Ferial’s father, they generously donated books to over 30 public schools, amplifying the ripple effect of literacy and community engagement. Little Libraries, born from the passion and commitment of Sonie and Ferial, stand as testament to the transformative power of a simple yet profound idea. In the heart of Guyana, these libraries continue to write stories of empowerment, accessibility, and boundless imagination for generations to come.

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